Way to English

Way to English is an attractive new medium-level course that develops students’ communicative and productive language skills in an integrated step-by-step way. Content is enriched by projects and extra cultural and CLIL texts. The course is compatible with levels A1-B1 of the Common European Framework.

                                       offers integrated culture and communication videos, slideshows, grammar animations, vocabulary presentations, games, extra practice and speaking exam practice for interactive classroom work.

                                    allows students to reinforce their studies online with Interactive Wordlist and Vocabulary Practice, Interactive Grammar, Dialogue Builders, Techno Help and Videos.


Andalusian edition available Includes Language Lab

Try out samples of our extensive digital materials:

Components for the Student
  •   Student's Book

Offline e-book also available for tablet and computer: PDFs enriched with audio and grammar animations

  •   Two-in-One Workbook with Language Builder
  •   Basic Practice Book
  •                 Interactive wordlists and activities available on mobile phones, providing extra unit-by-unit vocabulary revision, anytime, anywhere!

Download the WordApp from the App Store or Google Play.

Then click here, choose WordApp from the top strip, and scan

the QR code using the app on your mobile device.

Components for the Teacher
  •   Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  •   Teacher's All-in-One Pack
  •                                                 for interactive whiteboard

After installation, double-click the Digital Book icon
on your desktop and enter:
User Name: demo
Password: 1234

  •   Audio Material
  • Test Factory and Other Resources (contains the entire content of the All-in-One Pack in editable Word format)

an exciting four-part video series with cultural content and functional language practice