English Everywhere is an attractive, flexible video package that focuses on English as an international language of communication. It was specifically developed and carefully graded for upper-secondary school students.

English Everywhere

English Everywhere presents the story of an American exchange student in Britain; her experiences allow students to hear everyday functional language in a variety of real-life situations. English Everywhere also presents interesting

up-to-date cultural videos that introduce students to many different parts of the English-speaking world.

Video includes:

Ten entertaining communication episodes that follow an American student around London and Oxford, England. Episodes may be watched with or without subtitles.

Ten cultural episodes that introduce students to major cities around the English-speaking world, including on-screen comprehension activities with answer clues.

FCE Speaking Exam practice activities

English Everywhere Video Activity Booklet includes for each communication clip: A Before You Watch activity, While You Watch activity, After You Watch activity and a functional language practice activity.

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