Burlington International English

Burlington International English is an exciting new course developed specially for younger high-achieving secondary-school students in Spain. The course combines a thorough development of language skills and vocabulary with solid preparation for international examinations such as KET (A2), PET (B1), FCE (B2) and CAE (C1), following the guidelines of the CEFR. The course presents high-level language tasks as well as specifically exam-focused practice, through topics chosen to appeal to teenagers and to bring them closer to the world of English-speaking culture.

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Components for the Student
  •   Student's Book including Exam Preparation

Offline e-book also avilable for tablet and computer: PDFs enriched with audio

  •   Workbook



with new components and updated exam format

Components for the Teacher
  • Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  • Teacher's All-in-One Pack

  •                                                      for interactive whiteboard

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  • Audio Material
  • Test Factory and Other Resources (contains the entire content of the All-in-One Pack in editable Word format)

an exciting four-part video series with cultural content and functional language practice